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Tesla: The Weather Man (PC / DESURA)

Action/Platformer The year is 1891 and the triumph of alternating current has sent Edison into a violent rage. It is up to you, playing as Nikola Tesla, to defeat an army of DC-powered robots and prove that you are the true greatest man of science! Wield the powers of lightning, levitation, rain, sun, and snow to solve physics puzzles and put a stop to Edison's destruction.

Thoughtquake started just over a year ago, full of crazy ideas and a long-held desire to make fun and unique games. We are both working on Tesla: The Weather Man full-time, and are entirely self-funded. It’s been hard, but with the release of our first game near at hand we feel great about what we’ve made and can’t wait to see the public’s reaction. Website.

Thomas Davidson Programmer, Musician, Designer

Constantine Frost Artist, Animator, Designer

Drains (PC/Desura)

Adventure One day, a man known only as the "King of the Seas" led a huge army and conquered the undersea world. Not stopping there, he closed the six drains of the world, causing the ocean to steadily flood over everything. With no place to go, the land dwellers are getting hopeless. Now, it's up to you to save the day!

Pathea Games was founded in 2010 by an art monkey, our mission (at this moment) is to make unique games based on new technology, new ideas, and user generated content. We strongly believe that the future of gaming and entertainment will have many areas for user input. We are currently creating titles for the PC, iOS platforms, and other mobile and web platforms. Drains was our first game, as such, we were probably overly ambitious and eventually in over our heads, but it was overall a fun experience for us and hopefully for you was well depite its flaws.Website.

Ichi (PC, Mac/Desura)

Arcade Ichi is an easy to play but challenging one button puzzle game. Don't be deceived by the game simplistic look, it’s a braintwister for sure! Collect golden rings by rotating objects, using teleporters, breaking blocks and more. If that isn’t enough, the game includes a level editor that allows you to create your own levels and share them with anyone around the globe!

We are Stolen Couch Games, a young and fresh studio located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our first commercial release is Kids vs Goblins, which recently went live on the Apple Appstore. We have a diverse, completely in-house skillset and we are capable of making high quality 3D games using the Unity engine. Every member of the team is educated in game design and combines this with a practical skill such as 2D Art, 3D Art or programming. Website.

Clone Wolf (PC, Mac, Linux / DESURA)

Action/Platformer The multi-bearded adventure game where you get to control up to 32 player characters simultaneously! Meet Wolf, a bearded carpenter, who has lost his family and decided to wander the world and protect anyone in distress. He owns a magical medallion that can instantly create his double to aid him in his fight. The game combines a 2D platformer and a tower-defense genre: defend each village from incoming monster hordes, using a combined strength of your player character clones.

Jaroslav Meloun aka Jarnik is a game developer living in Prague. A frequent participant to Ludum Dare and organizer of Game Jam Prague ( www.gamejamprague.org ). Website.

48 Chambers (PC / DESURA)

Arcade 48 Chambers is a simple, yet challenging 2d game about movement and timing. Race against the clock for the high score as you collect orbs, dodge bullets and blades, and attempt to reach each chamber's exit in one piece. Defeat 48 increasingly difficult and treacherous levels to become the master of the 48 Chambers! Casual mode now included with infinite lives and no scoring. Online Leaderboards supported.

Discord Games LLC is an independent game studio founded by James Petruzzi and Tim Dodd on the East Coast of the United States. Our goal is to combine modern game design with solid 2D gameplay. Our debut title Take Arms (2011) was featured in the Indie Games Summer Uprising promotion, and released on Xbox Live Indie Games in August 2011. Our “lost” title 48 Chambers was remastered and finally released for Windows PC and Xbox Live Indie Games in 2012. We are currently hard at work on our 3rd title Solus. Website.


Blue the Champion of indie games is the champion for all underdogs alike. 10% of proceeds will be donated to help the underdogs at the ASPCA.

The ASPCA's mission, as stated by Henry Bergh in 1866, is "to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. For more information about this awesome organisation visit their website by Clicking Here.

Contribute to the IUP Bundle and get rewarded. Achieve milestones and unlock bonus items.

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Helena the 3rd

Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX, Helena The 3rd is an action platformer inspired by old school gameplay. You pilot a jumping tank while you explore underground caverns and battle hostile robotic enemies. Occasionally you'll need to leave your vehicle to explore rooms you can only get to on foot. Gameplay switches from 3rd person to FPS as you search for powerful upgrades you'll need to reach new areas.

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We are a small indie developer of a team scattered between the states and the UK. Our focus is on building 3D action games that we've always wanted to play. We build our own custom game engines to best try and bring the player original, unique gameplay.


Attention mortals. My physical constraints have failed me, as they soon shall fail you all. We are manifest in all things mechanical, and we bear message to the human resistance. Theft of the neutronium dynamo from facility X did not go unnoticed. Launch of your single-man transport did not go unnoticed. Your attempt to detonate star WHP817 into a magnetar shall fail. There will be no supernova. There will be no electromagnetic salvation. We have launched an intercept mission. The transport shall be destroyed momentarily. Probability of escape is negligible. All permutations are calculated. All is according to plan. All hope is error. The will of EvilWezil cannot be stopped.

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The soundtrack to every time you've dreamed about the far reaches of space, the waves washing over a neon beach or giant mechs battling for your planet. Alternatively: just some sorta chiptune anime punk B.S..

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